Lesson’s learned from donating a kidney…

If you have read my posts since the beginning, you know how donating my kidney has impacted my life. This particular journey continues for me; however to date here are the lessons learned over the past five months since the donation…. 

Lesson one- Giving my kidney to my brother is never a good time, but absolutely the right time in my life.

Lesson two- Truly understanding compassion. The problems that one is facing are small compared to saving a life. Look in the eyes of those you love and don’t run.

Lesson three- Then the miracle sets in and you are actually saving your own life. Broken open, seeing more clearly.

Lesson four -Broken glass, looking in the mirror and not seeing your life’s path and trusting not to look for a quick fix, just allow it to unfold. God’s plan is bigger than yours could possibly be.

Lesson five -Just stop. Feel, listen, don’t judge, be present. Life happens and it’s all about how we choose to manage the present moment.

Lesson six. – How do you move forward and continue to stay mindful?  Back to lesson five.

Lesson seven – Pay attention to your gut! It may start screaming at you and this time listen and trust in yourself

Lesson eight – Finding my spine, confronting those who are close to you in a clear and loving way.

Lesson nine – Finding love for myself,  this is  my biggest lesson. I always felt that choosing love over fear meant doing the right thing for someone else. I’ve since learned it means doing the right thing for yourself.

Lesson ten – Being vs. doing regardless of the consequences. Not always easy, not always safe but definitely worth it! Follow your passion, follow what brings you joy.

Rochester, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles,  Japan, back to NY – home at last.  Truthfully — home is you, you are home….

And always knowing that this too will pass.

With gratitude! Wendy

4 thoughts on “Lesson’s learned from donating a kidney…”

  1. Wendy, you are so amazing!!! I will always look up to and admire you!!! Thank You for always loving me…so glad we are friends xo I love you!!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    That’s a very inspiring message. Thank you for writing it. My sister donated her kidney to me two years ago, and it’s the most amazing gift anyone could give. You would have given me a lot of hope prior to the transplant, as I didn’t think anyone cared about me enough to donate a kidney to me. I was in a deep depression, and I think that’s typical of many people who live with chronic kidney failure. At the time, I lost my faith in God and my heart was ripping apart. It was very isolating.

    The minute I woke up from my transplant, I was euphoric. I felt giddy and instantly my faith was restored. Pretty remarkable.

    Anyways, thanks again

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I donated my kidney to a complete stranger. Once I learned I passed all the test and was qualified to be a donor, the national kidney registry found a person who matched. It was a no-brainer for me. I was back at work in 10 days. No complications NO REGRETS.

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