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Donating a kidney has been a catalyst to finding joy in my life. Part of this journey was staying at the family home just two days after donation.

At the family house I connected with a dozen or more families who had a loved one in need or were receiving an organ. My own situation seemed trivial at the time. The worries that kept me up at night suddenly felt wasteful. I found myself feeling present and seeing the world entirely different. 

I love this excerpt from David Whyte’s poem “Giving”.To give is to make our own identities more real in the world by committing to something specific in the other person and something tangible that could represent that quality. To give is also to carry out the difficult task of putting something of our own essence in what we have given”.

Giving takes practice and commitment in seeing the other person. Isn’t that what we all want? To be seen? Some of the stories I hear from friends this holiday season are about simple moments of giving. Someone that cares and takes the time to listen with humility, or small acts of kindness from strangers.

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

On this Christmas Day I find myself grateful for having my grown children under the same roof, the health of my family and friends and the love that we share. The blanket of snow that covers the ground and the sun that pours in through the window makes a beautiful day.

My wish for everyone today is to take a moment and appreciate the gifts in your life.




depression can be part of it… living kidney donor

Its been four and 1/2 months since I donated my kidney. I had to force myself to write this post and be honest.  You see my original thoughts were to write about my personal experience in kidney donation in hopes that it would support someone who was looking to make a decision or simply going through the process.

When I was going through the pretesting for donating my kidney back in August 2012, I was told that 30% of donors go through depression.  My biggest concern at that time was that I could not exercise for six weeks; exercise has always helped me manage my emotions.

However, I was elated after the surgery– I was stronger, wiser and more aware. I had gone through the surgery and was ready to take on the world. After my surgery I visited my oldest son  in LA and then flew to Japan to visit my youngest son. I focused on healing physically and mentally.  I came back to my home in New York after six weeks of traveling and healing and found myself exhausted, happy and relieved. Over the course of the next few weeks, I would work at staying in a place of appreciation and sweeping any questionable emotions under the rug.

For the past two months I didn’t want to consider that it might be depression. However, I was having trouble completing tasks,  not feeling as motivated to start my day and with less energy.  I continued to exercise and eat healthy but still felt the struggle. On New Year’s day I realized this was more than just an off day,  I wasn’t writing, reading, and looking to do things that I enjoyed so much. I have always embraced the new year and realized it was time to do something about it.

Here I am on the sixth day of January and ready to make some changes in my life; to trust my instincts, to get help where I need it and to move out of this state and get back to life.   My son Juliun who is in the vitamin business strongly recommended I take SAM-e along with Vitamin B– it seems to be helping me stay focused and get things done.

We all have our bumps in the road. I am grateful I was able to donate my kidney and look forward to 2013.

Also, I must note. January 7th would have been my son Kyle’s 29th birthday. I found this photo today while cleaning out an old desk. I don’t remember seeing this photo before. I look at it and see myself so young at 24 and how beautiful my first son was!

Eternally grateful.  Wendy