Ten Lessons We Learned Beyond Strala Poses

As I board the train to Tarrytown at the close of another weekend, I contemplate the past few months since beginning the Strala Ready-To-Lead yoga training in NYC; I am pleasantly surprised at how much I have grown since beginning the program a few months ago.  It seems to be the case time after time that whenever I feel the most uncomfortable and challenged, is precisely when I learn the most. I signed up for […]

Uncategorized Moving on and letting go! Living kidney donor

One of the advantages of getting older is the ability to let go! Last week was big for me.  For the past six months I have been harboring these negative feelings around someone who in my eyes–had done me wrong. During the day I’m pretty good, but at night the thoughts would haunt me. I would go over  the situation in my head and emotionally felt drained .  I made a decision to move forward […]

My Dad– a life of survival, acceptance and trust.

Being raised in London, England during World War 11,” I never felt like a victim during the war, people often referred to us as the poor children, it was part of my life and I accepted that” said Ken Graham. Kenneth Peter Lewis Graham was born in the Spring of 1938. World War II  would start a year later when he was just one year old . While being raised in the midst of war, their Mum worked as a cook  and their […]

Gratitude! Three Year Anniversary ~Kidney Donor

As I contemplate my donation just three years ago today– it was a time of loss, a time of growth and a time of giving. It was also a compilation of how I had lived my life up until that point. So often, when we are going through difficult times it’s hard to imagine anything beyond the hurt and pain. I intuitively knew  I needed to get the focus off myself.  Donating my kidney certainly helped […]

Surgery – kidney donor program

On Thursday august 16th At 4 am they took me down to prep with surgery scheduled at 5 am. It appeared I was the first surgery of the day. I was met by Kathy the OR nurse to prep and ask basic questions. Kathy was great, she was pulled out of bed at 2:00 am that same morning and asked to come in on her day off, she had a wonderful attitude and kept me […]