It’s Sunday, I arrived home late yesterday from Pittsburgh and I still feel utterly exhausted and overwhelmed with emotions. In part from a lack of sleep and rest in the past few days along with healing from my own donor surgery just a little over two weeks ago. I just came back from a very short walk listening to the trees swaying in the breeze and feeling grateful to be home in my own quiet space. I think it’s going to take a little time to sort out my emotions and thoughts in my head, I plan to take the time I need and feel what I need to feel.

I visited Tim in the hospital yesterday morning before leaving Pittsburgh for Rochester.  His kidney continue to respond better and better. My friend Mary Beth picked me up from the Family House and drove me part way and then my friend Barb met us and drove me the remainder of the way home to Rochester.  The three of us had lunch before continuing our journey. It’s interesting when I think of the trip to Pittsburgh where I had so much in front of me, Tim’s surgery, my surgery, leaving home, etc. I was in such great space with so much positive anticipation and of course I was strong and healthy. My trip home was bitter sweet –I feel broken, soar, emotionally drained and at the same time grateful for both surgeries going well and grateful to my wonderful friends who shared in this experience with me.

It was strange walking into my house, I felt a little different. Even my cat Robert would not come to me till later in the evening. For the past two and half intense weeks my life has been in a bubble with my stay at the hospital and then the family house. Entering back into my life will take a little time to adjust.

I am fortunate in this life for my health, my friends and family. Coming home my friends Carol, Ray and Jill had stocked my refrigerator with healthy foods, cooked soups and left me flowers.

I feel grateful and thankful for all the support I received during this process. I think about what Oprah often says that by giving back we feel better.


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