I am sitting here at my son’s computer in Tokyo, Japan researching other people’s experiences in healing from a kidney donation surgery. I still feel tired and have some pain and that aggravates me!  During the past five weeks I have traveled from NY to California

Cory and I at the bamboo forest outside of Kyoto

and then to Japan– although I have done my best to listen to my body, rest when I needed to– perhaps I haven’t rested enough or maybe it just takes more time than I anticipated.

My expectations were that I would be back to my old self in six weeks which (in four days)  is not the case. I spent this past weekend in Kyoto, Japan which was amazing. I walked miles every day visiting temples, a bamboo forest and the Emperors palace and it was great. Today I am spent, exhausted and resting when I want to be out and seeing the sights. I know anyone who is reading this is thinking “of course” but my internal clock was thinking six weeks.

In doing my research today, I realize that I heard what I wanted to hear. The reality is…. it will take several months before I am fully up and running, I will continue to have some pain as my body re-adjusts itself. I will need to be more patient with myself and rest when I need to rest and be grateful for the opportunity to heal in such an amazing place.


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