As I contemplate my donation just three years ago today– it was a time of loss, a time of growth and a time of giving. It was also a compilation of how I had lived my life up until that point. So often, when we are going through difficult times it’s hard to imagine anything beyond the hurt and pain.

I intuitively knew  I needed to get the focus off myself.  Donating my kidney certainly helped me accomplish that!

I believe so much of this is around timing, while every aspect of my life had been interrupted– I found by giving at this magnitude, I was able to open up and learn a new way of being!

Today, I have a greater appreciation for life and for others. I no longer feel that I am in this world trudging along and worrying about what is next. Instead I feel an intense amount of gratitude for nature and people along with a deep sense of knowing that everything is as it should be.

I feel connected.

On August 16, 2012 I donated my kidney on behalf of my brother Tim at UPMC in Pittsburgh. Although I was not a match, we were part of this amazing circle where  eight of us exchanged kidneys. Therefore my kidney went to NYC, Tim’s kidney came from Philadelphia, etc. I loved being part of this bigger circle and often wonder how everyone in doing today.

There are so many families who have loved one’s that are in need of support– whether it’s organ donation, loss of health, or situations that impact our lives. I believe we are here to support one another and to make our lives bigger than our own.

I am forever grateful for all the support and encouragement I received from family and friends.