My sister called to tell me our Mom has third stage kidney failure! I was so overwhelmed with emotion, you see my Mom has always taken care of her Diabetes. She walks every day, she eats well and monitors her sugar levels closely.  How could this be happening? Her Doctor said that if she doesn’t stop using these medications she will end up on dialysis.

My sister Audrey, my Mom and I in Holland.
My sister Audrey, my Mom and I in Holland.

My Mom has been taking Motrin, Aleve, and Advil for years which can affect your kidney in a negative way, particularily if you are prone to Kidney disease, diabetes, etc.

For me after I donated my kidney I was told  for pain relief such as headaches, etc. I was to take tylenol based products and nothing else since it was not metabolized by the kidney.  Of course if  you have other health concerns this advise would not pertain to you! Ibuprofen is broken-down by the kidneys and acetaminophen (brand: Tylenol) is metabolized by the liver. Source:

When you know better, you do better! For my Mom, she has thrown away all of her over the counter medications and bought Tylenol, my understanding is that she can turn this around.

For those of us who do know better— why are we so distructive with our bodies? Why are we smoking, overweight and not exercising?  My weakness is junk food and its a constant battle for me, I know I always feel better when I go for a run, ride my bike or choose a salad. I know that the quality of my health both physically and mentally is greatly affected when I make good choices.

Still sometimes, I choose the cookies….