My friends have often said; “I don’t let the grass grow under my feet”. I have left Los Angeles and am heading to Tokyo, Japan to visit my son Cory for his 26th birthday. I am so excited to see Cory, it’s been almost nine months!  I am concerned about the flight since it’s 11 plus hours from LA and its been a little less than four weeks since my kidney donor surgery.  So, I did exactly what my surgeon Dr. Tevar at UPMC requested while on the plane, I got up every single hour to let the blood flow to my legs and actually felt pretty good when I landed.

Seeing Cory was delightful, he had taken the day off from work, so we had the opportunity
to get acclimated. Its fascinating for me to see the life he has created, I am so proud of Cory. Moving to a new country can’t be easy as I continue to venture out each day and can see the challenges faced in learning a new city like Tokyo with language as a barrier. Cory has thrived in his new environment– learned a new language, made new friends, studied the history and way of life in Japan, thrived in his new job and learned to drive on the opposite side! I’m happy to see him in the home he has created.

When you think about “Karma” causes the entire cycle of cause and effect; I certainly feel blessed. My brother Tim is doing well, his new kidney is functioning well and he is getting stronger each day. My kidney donor surgery was a success and I am actually feeling my new self.

I consider my new self a better self; more stronger, grateful and ready for what’s next in life. What an amazing journey this has been. Recently I had felt my life shattered to pieces and not recognizing where I was going. It was a scary place for me since I am a glass half full person and can always come up with an image of my future.

Trusting that good things will come has happened much quicker than I could possibly have created in my mind. I am so grateful for this journey!


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