Organ Donation.

Below, are various articles and videos around organ donation that I found interesting.
Please feel free to share meaningful materials that you come across.

First Laparoscopic Donor Kidney Removal.

Mayo Clinic was the first medical center in Arizona to perform a laparoscopic donor kidney
removal. Read the full article

You can sign up when you obtain a driver license or non-driver identification (ID) card,or when you renew your driver license by signing the donor box that appears on each of these forms. Signing the back of your license does not enroll you in the New York State Donate Life Registry. You can also sign up through the New York State Health Department’s web site, or on your voter registration form.

Earlier this week I met Thomas Hugh Feeley, Ph.D., University at Buffalo, who does a great deal of work in transplant and grants. Research areas: Applications of social and behavioral theories of
persuasion in health and organizational content. One example is:

Promoting Organ Donation through Public Education Campaigns:
A Random-Effects Meta-Analysis

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