On Thursday august 16th At 4 am they took me down to prep with surgery scheduled at 5 am. It appeared I was the first surgery of the day. I was met by Kathy the OR nurse to prep and ask basic questions. Kathy was great, she was pulled out of bed at 2:00 am that same morning and asked to come in on her day off, she had a wonderful attitude and kept me comfortable. By 4:30 two additional drs, my surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the anesthesia nurse came in. It was kind of cool, I felt like I was part of this elite team :). They were all following specific procedures before the surgery and were engaging and friendly. One of the procedures was to complete a final blood match with myself and the recipient in NYC the morning of the surgery, I thought that was pretty cool.

At one point I looked at the team and said “I wished they had given me the the relaxing medication hours earlier so I would have slept
that night”. I felt so relaxed….They all turned to look at me confused, they hadn’t given me anything. Lol

Once I was brought back to my room I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I was on oxygen, my breathing was shallow and I was still under the influence of the anesthesia. By the following morning I had felt much improvement!