This was the first year I didn’t cook and the first year without my children or family on Thanksgiving Day, at least for the dinner.  Life really is about our personal attitude… typically I would be “it’s ok, and I’m fine” however, in reality I would be a little depressed thinking about spending a holiday without my children.  Instead I had a wonderful day!

It’s been a big year of  awakening and moving forward for me. So many tears, great friends and deep contemplation. I hope I can stay in this state of appreciation for the rest of my life.  I had expected that I would donate my kidney to help my brother then go through a six week recovery period and finally get back to work. To my surprise when the healing began it was much more than physical– it was my soul that was healing.

Overall I consistently find myself in a state of appreciation and I practice this daily, life feels like it flows and I don’t worry about the day to day issues as I had before. I feel more complete and more open in giving of myself in this world. I feel happy, lite and very grateful.  I am blessed with wonderful friends and family that I love.

Happy Thanksgiving! Wendy


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